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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you dock tails and remove dewclaws?
    No. Puppies are left natural. (A dog's tail is an extension of its spinal column.) Dewclaws are now proven to serve a purpose. Dogs with amputated toes (as that is what a dewclaw is) are prone to arthritis earlier in life. Dogs use their tails to communicate and for balance.
  • What is included when I buy a puppy from you?
    Your puppy will have had a thorough exam by our veterinarian. They are vaccinated and microchipped. You will also receive documentation on all environmental and situational exposures your puppy experienced. You will receive a growth chart and birth certificate. Each puppy comes with free trail with Pet Insurance from two companies! We also include a substantial goody bag, filled with sensible things like good quality chews, grooming equipment and a blanket that smells like the litter.
  • How do you raise the pups?
    Intentionally, carefully and gently. All pups are born into our hands and we love them from that moment. They are handled with respect and kindness - so is their mom. We use well proven puppy curriculum (BadAss Breeder and Puppy Culture) to make sure that your dog grows and develops into a confident, well-rounded, loving and joyful dog! Read out testimonials!
  • Do you have any puppies available?
    Our breedings are carefully planned and prepared for. All of this planning is fine and well, but it still depends on mother nature and the condition, fitness level, etc. of our girls - they are only bred when they are in tip-top shape and ready in every way. All of our dogs are beloved pets, not breeding stock. We only do a few litters per year to ensure that each litter gets the attention they deserve and require. Occasionally someone on the waitlist change their minds and pup may become available. Please contact us!
  • Tell me about the colours of your dogs. They are so unique!
    They are! Years ago poodles were preferred in solid colours and this is what was mostly bred. Along with this came the silly haircut and the misconception that poodles are "snobby" and pompous. This is simply not true. Patterned poodles are still not universally included in the show ring. However, we think that they are gorgeous! And while we do breed dogs that are structurally sound, we think that a patterned, colourful poodle is gorgeous. We also love our black dogs with their rich, "bore-into-your-soul" dark eyes. I just love how they shimmer in the sun. And while it is true that they are harder to photograph, they look stunning when you get it right. Temperamentally, there is no difference whatsoever. There is a lot of controversy surrounding merle poodles. It is suggested that merle must have been introduced into the gene pool by another breed and therefor merle poodles can not be purebred. This may be true, but all of my merle poodles test as 100% poodle - meaning that the inclusion of the other breed must have been made many, many, many generations back. We will NEVER, EVER breed a merle poodle to another merle poodle - all of our merle dogs have a single copy of the merle gene (they are not "double merle".)
  • Do you offer a health guarantee?
    YES! Our dogs are all health tested before they are bred through either PawPrint Genetics, Orivet, Embark, or CanineHealthCheck. We have selected our breeding dogs from like-minded breeders or produced them ourselves. Health and temperament are foremost on our minds with any pairing we do. We offer a 4-year health guarantee against life-threatening genetic conditions.
  • Do you groom the puppies?
    Yes. They are brushed and combed regularly. We bathe them, trim their nails, and clip their feet and bums. We trim your puppy's face into a regular "poodle-face" so that the pups get used to it. Your groomer will be thankful!
  • Can we visit you and your dogs?
    Yes, but only if you are a committed buyer with a vested interest in the health of our pups. This is simply to protect my unvaccinated babies from any possible nasty illness/virus out there. Whole litters are lost when unsuspecting visitors with good intentions bring in a virus or bacteria the puppies have no immunity against. It's simply not worth the risk. Puppy-parents will be invited to visit their puppy when the pup is 5-6 weeks old and safety precautions have been discussed. NO DOGS WILL BE PERMITTED ON THE PROPERTY - ZERO EXCEPTIONS! Children should be very, very well supervised.
  • Are merle dogs unhealthy?
    Dogs with a single copy of the merle gene are no different than a dog with no copies of the merle gene. Merle becomes a serious health concern when two merle dogs are bred and they produce "double merle" puppies. These pups may have visual and auditory deficiencies, among things. As responsible and educated breeders, we will NEVER breed two merle dogs. Sometimes merle can be hidden by the coat colour of dogs, but as we would never breed a dog without DNA testing, breeding two merle dogs together will never happen at Bohemian Poodles.
  • Do they shed and are they hypoallergenic?
    No, poodles don't shed and they are mostly hypoallergenic. Saying that a dog is 100% hypoallergenic is simply not true. For the most part, it depends on the severity of the allergies and also exactly what you are allergic to. I am allergic to short hair dogs, but not to my poodles. However, someone with severe allergies may still be allergic to all dogs. If you or your child have a severe allergy, I recommend that you spend some time around poodles or come and visit ours to test if you are affected.
  • Do you have any toy or teacup pups?
    No, most of our dogs are miniature poodles. We just love this size! They are small, but not fragile. They pack easily, and they are ready for any adventure you take them on. We will have moyen and standard sized pups available later in 2023.
  • What colours do you breed?
    Most of our pups in the next two years will be red/apricot, black phantom, black and abstract in all of those colours - in merle and non-merle. We are waiting for our brown male to mature and complete his health testing before we will have brown pups available again.
  • When can I come and get my puppy?
    Puppies are ready to go home when they are 8 weeks old. There are no exceptions to this. It is not in the best interest of the pups to leave their mother and litter earlier than this. Puppies learn so much between week 7 and 8 - things such as bite inhibition and gentle play.
  • How much are the puppies?
    Please email us for the current price. We believe our prices to be a fair reflection of the quality of dogs we produce. You can buy a cheaper, untested pup elsewhere, but BUYER BEWARE - almost always do you get what you pay for. We put so much into our dogs - starting with the parents and their parents! We can't imagine any other way of doing it - just have a look at our testimonials - the proof is in the puppy!
  • What is a "Bohemian Poodle"?
    We chose the name "Bohemian" because we wanted to portray something about the spirit of our dogs. We are also keen on breaking the stereotype of poodles being snippy dogs that are not good with families or not adventurous sort. My dogs are free-spirited, loving, lively, and comic. They are also elegant and stately, with prance particular to poodles. They are super smart and will keep you on your toes. They are devoted and loyal. There is NOTHING pompous about a poodle.
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