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Yvette from Bohemian Poodles is the most wonderful breeder / human to deal with.  She was so welcoming, helpful and accommodating. She treats her dogs so well and prepares the puppies to be mostly potty trained and kennel trained.  It made the transition so much easier for our little Roo. We love Roo so much. She is such a great puppy, smart and energetic. I highly recommend Bohemian Poodles to anyone looking for a poodle to add to the fam!  Thank you Yvette!!!

— M Logan

I had the privilege of assessing Bohemian Poodles 7 week old litter in June 2021. Their environment was very clean and well kept, extremely safe and perfect for young puppies. The areas in the house that were set up for the puppies had thoughtful equipment set up to ensure proper desensitisation to sounds, sights and feelings, as well to keep the puppies properly stimulated. The puppies were all well balanced and nice in temperament and structure. I also met the mother who was very neutral with a stranger in her home. I could tell that this was a thoughtful breeding and it shows in how well rounded this litter was.

— R Kaitlyn

A few weeks ago we brought home our little Wyett. He has been an amazing mischievous little fellow & we have grown to love him so much! When I got in contact with Ivette, I right away knew that she was a very intentional breeder by the way she carried conversation with me. She was willing & open to answer any questions I had & was very genuine & honest. Throughout our wait time, we were well kept part of the puppies' lives. We received many updates of beautiful pictures & priceless videos. We could tell that bountiful love & attention went into these little puppies. Yvette deeply cared for each of them. I would like to recommend to anyone who is looking for a reliable breeder that Bohemian Poodles is exactly that!

— H Bosma

I am so happy I met Yvette with Bohemian Poodles.  She truly cares about her dogs and each litter is gorgeous and healthy.   We couldn’t imagine life without Rexi, our Bohemian Poodle.

— N. Girard

We were casually looking for poodle pups, as we love the breed, and found Bohemian Poodles. Yvette was wonderful to deal with! Just about every day she sent a progress report with a picture or video of our Daisy during her first 8 weeks. We were very impressed with the care and love Yvette has for the development of the puppies. We would definitely recommend Bohemian Poodles. Our Daisy was born April 2020 to Jazzy.

— V. Finch

After searching for an addition to our family I found Bohemian Poodles. I was lucky enough to actually find a dream puppy, Raven has been a fast friend to my Standard Beau. Yvette is an exceptional breeder and has done a wonderful job with this litter. The first 8 weeks for these little ones was well documented through photos and YouTube. I have acquired a well rounded puppy. Raven is the fastest pup, looks like she has her mom's speed. I may be considering rally with her.

— C. Bucanan

After a long time searching for a puppy, we came across Bohemian Poodles on Kijiji. We talked through FaceTime to see the puppies and most breeders wouldn't do this. We are first time dog owners and Yvette answered our questions patiently. Her YouTube channel held livestreams so we could see how the puppies were doing and it was very nice to see that the puppies were doing great. In the meantime, she didn't forget to take care of their mother. In late June 2021, we got our little puppy. Basically, she is a dog breeder that loves and takes care of all her dogs and their puppies.

— P. Chuttani

Having decided to get the first puppy of my own, I knew I wanted a reliable breeder to make the process less daunting. After months of searching, I found Bohemian Poodles and Yevette. Yvette was more than what I was hoping for! I noticed her passionate love for poodles the moment we started texting. She is so knowledgeable and supportive once she learns that I am a first time dog owner. She had equipped me with enough knowledge and tools to make bringing Hera home as easy as possible. And until this day! After I have had Hera for 3 weeks, I feel so much joy having her. Speaking of Hera, she's a strong yet sweet little mini poodle that I enjoy going for a walk with. She always keeps me on my toes and involves me in everything I do. My other family members are also growing to love her more and more as they interact with her on a daily basis. Thank you, Yvette, for doing such a wonderful job with those puppies!

— V. T. Le

One of the best decisions we have made for our family.  We are beyond happy with our new fur buddy! He’s a very smart, happy boy who adjusted very well to our home. We have a 4 year old miniature schnoodle and the two of them have formed a strong bond. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bohemian Poodles to any of my family or friends!

— K. Kightley

With our Golden Retriever getting on in age, we made the decision to add another fur baby to our family for our children to grow with and we are very happy with little Abbey who came from Bohemian Poodles. You can absolutely see what care and attention were provided in raising these puppies. We got a confident, happy pup who had no trouble integrating into our family. I would definitely recommend Bohemian Poodles to anyone looking for a puppy who is well socialised and loved.

— S. Prinsloo
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