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We believe that every dog in our breeding program should have a family that is 100% devoted to them. Our dogs are NEVER simply breeding stock, kept in kennels in our backyard or one of many in our home. Each breeding dog is loved and deeply valued as a family member.

Our Guardian Home program allows us to honour our dogs and we are very grateful to the people making it all possible.


Guardian homes receive a top-quality, pick-of-the-litter puppy at no charge.

Guardian homes keep their dog for the duration of their lives. Bohemian Poodles retain breeding rights for a short amount of time. 

We understand that this program is not for everyone. We work to make our guardians comfortable and personalize each arrangement with our families. We sign a clear and fair contract, protecting our guardians, ourselves and the dog. 

All females are retired at 4 years of age and males at 6. 

If you think you may be interested in being a Guardian family please take the time to fill out our Application Form and indicate this. 

Please note that guardians should live within 4 hours of Kelowna or Calgary. Alternatively, you should be willing to make arrangements to get the dog to us for breeding and whelping.

Guardian Program
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