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About Bohemian Poodles


We are a small, in-home breeder of mini poodles located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. All of our dogs are beloved family pets FIRST and have been carefully selected for their temperament, health, coats, and conformation to the poodle breed standard - with a colourful twist. They are beyond smart, athletic, and joyous. They most definitely break the mold of what many people think poodles are. Our dogs are hunters, retrievers, couch potatoes, adventurers, and clowns. They are loving and devoted to their families - irrespective of what their families look like.

Our dogs change lives. They are not just stunning to look at, but also loyal companions that are ready for whatever you require of them. They are not “snippy” or “barky” and they are WONDERFUL with kids of all ages. (Like all dogs, environment and training is important.) They are mostly small - around 15lbs - 18lbs, but not so small as to be too fragile for a household with young kids. 

They are devoted companions to an active older adult wanting to share their life (and bed) with a furry friend. They seem to understand when you talk to them, and they are sensitive to your mood. They adapt to be what you need them to be and add so much to the lives of their people.

Mending hearts and changing lives, one dog at a time.


All of our breeding dogs are, or will be, health tested. Some are cleared for breeding by parentage. Each dog is beautiful, has a lovely disposition and they are adored by their families.

As Bohemian Poodles grew, we made the decision to let some of our dogs live in guardian homes where they are loved and cherished by their own families. We can’t possibly give each dog the attention they deserve if they were to all live in our own home. Our guardian dogs are our pick of the litter or carefully selected from other breeding programs. Our females are only bred a few times and then retired to live out their lives as beloved pets.

If you are interested in becoming a guardian home for one of our dogs, please contact us for more information. This opportunity is only available to families in the Central Okanagan or Calgary region.


Buying from a responsible, conscientious breeder is not just the right thing to do, it also potentially saves you a lot of money, grief and heartache down the road, being it from health issues or behavioural difficulties.


  • All of our dogs are health tested before they are bred

  • All of our breeding dogs have beautiful teeth, well-seated patellas, no tear stains or allergies

  • Health Guarantee in place

  • Puppies are thoroughly examined by a licensed vet and checked for overall body condition, heart murmurs, clear eyes, hernias, etc. 

  • A written record from veterinarian is provided


  • Every litter is carefully planned and prepared for

  • We consider temperament, structure and health when selecting breeding dogs

  • Dogs are never bred before they are mature

  • Dogs are never over bred

Lovingly Kept and Raised

  • All dogs are fed quality food and supplemented according to need and life-stage

  • Kept clean, healthy, groomed and well-exercised

  • Receive any and all veterinary care they need and will need for the duration of their lives

  • Dogs are only bred if they are in top condition: perfect weight, very fit, and of appropriate age

  • Each and every dog is a beloved family pet first and foremost. We don’t own “breeding stock”

Empowered Pups

  • From their very first breath, our puppies learn that the world is safe, dogs are friendly and people are kind

  • Puppies are challenged, but not overwhelmed

  • They are enabled and encouraged

  • They are exposed to gentle stressors and lean that they are capable of overcoming situations in which they are not necessarily 100% comfortable

  • Our pups are confident, but sensible

Neonate Care

  • Puppies are gently born into a safe environment

  • Handled carefully to reduce stress

  • Early Neurological Stimulation starting on day 3

  • Early Scent Introduction starting on day 3

  • Dam and pups kept clean and feeling safe at all times. They want for nothing

  • No expense spared if a pup or dam should need medical attention


  • Every puppy is seen as an individual

  • Pups are not chosen by colour or gender

  • A thorough temperament evaluation is done after 7 weeks of age

  • Results of the evaluation are shared with each buyer and a thoughtful recommendation is made

  • Puppies are all placed into pre-screened homes

  • We are able to assist with working dog selection


  • Cleaned multiple times per day

  • Puppies are litter trained and housetraining is well started when they go home

  • Enriched and appropriate

  • Environment grows with the puppies

  • Almost daily communication with our families - you will receive LOTS of pictures, videos, life-cam events, etc.


  • Many available

  • Reviews on our Facebook page

  • We try and match families with relevant references: for example, families with young children, seniors, people requiring an ESA animal, etc.


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