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Our Curriculum





noun: curriculum; plural noun: curricula; plural noun: curriculums

  1. the subjects comprising a course of study.

If you are a visual person and enjoy videos rather than reading, please have a look at our YouTube Channel  for a clear picture of the work that goes into our pups.


We see it our “course of study” as thoughtful, gentle, respectful and effective. Our course as taken many years to develop and we have learned from the best breeders, behaviouralists and trainers out there. 


We continually learn, improve and adapt to better meet the needs of our pups and our families. Our process is now refined, but flexible, as we adapt to the slight differences within each litter.


Our goal is confident, smart, curious, loving, human-focussed pups that are able to think for themselves but easily accept leadership. We want our pups to be medium energy, motivated and eager to please.  


Here is a quick and broad look at what our curriculum looks like at various ages.


Zero to Two Days Old
  • The pups and their mama are mostly left alone to ensure a stress free environment and lots of space for bonding and settling into a new routine!

  • The whelping box is cleaned daily and they are given fresh, warm bedding with lots of traction for developing joints.

  • Their umbilicals are checked to ensure that they are healing well.

  • The pups are weighed to make sure that they are all gaining weight.

  • Mama is checked multiple times per day. This includes a quick temperature check and a mastitis check. 

  • Mama is given a quick “bum bath” to ensure that she does not develop secondary infections.

  • Mama is cuddled, loved and fed as much as she wants.


Day Three to Fourteen
  • ENS is started on day 3. 

  • ESI is started on day 3.

  • Puppies are weighed and checked daily.

  • Pups are observed in order to verify normal neurological and physical development.

  • Mama is checked over multiple times per day to ensure her continued wellbeing. She is well fed and made comfortable.


Day Fifteen to Twenty
  • Pups are now weighed once per week, unless otherwise necessary.

  • Loud noise expose on day 18, 19 and 20.

  • Gentle, controlled handling exercises.

  • Mama is still checked daily and, as the demands on her increases, VERY WELL fed.

  • ESI and ENS and on day 16.

  • Slightly more handling.

  • Potty area introduced.

  • Pups move upstairs to the main living area towards the end of this period. They are still kept in their whelping box to ensure that they feel safe.


Day Twenty One to Twenty Seven
  • Basic grooming introduced

  • Handling exercises

  • Potty area introduced

  • Weekly weight checks

  • Music, gentle noise and household sounds are now the norm


Day Twenty Eight Until the Pups Go Home
  • This is the fun part!

  • The pups are monitored and notes taken on how they respond to the world around them

  • We track pups’ reaction to stress and startle

  • Exposure activities are provided every day, but is always age-appropriate and never overwhelming. This incudes playtime with stuffed toys, food items, wobble boards, brain challenges, crates, small steps, balls, friendly dogs, children, etc.

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