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Breeding Responsibly

We are very proud of our dogs that we raise for loving families across Canada. We take being a responsible breeder very seriously.


  • All of our breeding dogs are health tested or clear by parentage. We collaborate with other breeders that upheld the same breeding standards as we do. We breed for health and temperament first and foremost.

  • We will always take back a dog to ensure that they do not end up in shelters or rescues. We stand behind each and every one of our dogs.

  • We use the Avidog Temperament Test to ensure that each puppy ends up in the right home for them and their families. Allowing dogs to be picked by colour is not in the best interest of the dog.

  • We want you to be picky about the breeder we choose but know that we are also picky about where our puppies go.

  • Puppies are professionally raised. We spend a lot of time researching and learning about puppy-rearing protocols and have built our own unique puppy curriculum suited to miniature poodles - not just puppies in general. We have incorporate ideas from The Ultimate Badass Breeder’s Guide, Puppy Culture, The Rule of Sevens, and Avidog.

  • We offer a health guarantee and a sales contract.

  • Our dogs live in our home and we care for them with compassion. We provide for all of their needs, including an enriched environment. Our dogs are hardly ever left alone - they are our companions - not just breeding stock.

  • Puppies are raised in-home, where they are nurtured, held, and socialized. We know them by name and love each of them as an individual.

  • We seek the advice of our vet. We pay for health exams for all of our dogs and puppies.

  • We invest in learning and staying up to date with new recommendations regarding canine breeding and whelping. Continuing education is a passion.

  • We intend to be part of the solution, not the problem, in regards to the homeless pets in our shelter system by upholding the above responsible breeding practices.


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