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Selecting by Fit: So Important

Say you are an older adult who enjoys a stroll around the neighbourhood as well as your weekly book-club meeting. What would matter more: that your dog is a beautiful apricot colour, or that your pup likes some exercise, but is not overly energetic? Would you prefer the busy apricot pup, or one that easily settles by your feet while you enjoy time with your friends?

Or, say that you have 3 young children under the age of 6. They are good kids, but also loud and rambunctious! Would you prefer the pretty, but slightly reserved female pup with the lovely colours, or the black puppy that is fun and playful, ready for whatever life throws at him!

Looking at temperament before gender or colour is SO VERY IMPORTANT and makes for a smooth transition from our home to yours.

Puppies are raised with a proven day-by-day plan. A curriculum. A method. This allows the pups to be challenged and empowered to be the best versions of themselves. This purposeful approach should be the norm in puppy breeding and rearing. 


In addition to a thorough temperament evaluation at 7-weeks of age, each puppy is continually observed and gently tested throughout their time with us. For example: How do they react to a stranger in their whelping box, birds overhead or the vacuum cleaner? 


There are 12 traits that we look at. Some of these traits are stable, and some will adjustable/changeable with intervention, training or simply with age. 


A stable traits means that this aspect of a puppy will most likely not change during the lifetime of the pup, regardless of what you do. Adjustable traits are traits that you can work on.


  • Stable Traits: Assertiveness (human and dog), Energy Level, Prey Drive (intensity), Human Focus, Tenderhearted, Motivation.

  • Adjustable Traits  Confidence, Touch Tolerance, Sound Sensitivity, Sight Sensitivity, Nerve Strength/ Resiliency.


If you are on the waitlist for a pup, you will receive a score sheet of the evaluation of the pups available to you. You will be able to see each puppy’s 12 temperament traits. These results can sometimes be a bit challenging to interpret. We will spend a lot of time with you even before the evaluation to discuss each pup, and will explain to you why we recommend a particular pup for you and your family. Each day, from the day your pup is born, you will receive a short note, a picture or a video of the pups. Please feel free to interact with us, as questions and comment. This helps us get to know you better.

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