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The first step is to complete our short application found here.

Picking your puppy based on colour alone is not a good idea. Not for you or for the pup. We do our best to honour our puppies as we truly want them, and you, to be happy and content for the duration of your puppy’s life.

For example, if you are looking for an agility dog, you will not happy with the pretty couch potato you selected, nor will the dog be pleased with having to endure agility classes. It would be frustrating for both of you.

The inverse is just as true: The person that wanted a mellow cuddler that is happiest on the lap of their owner will be overwhelmed with the dog that was meant to be an agility superstar.

Poodles and Children

When the puppies are born and almost every day after that, we post videos and photos on our Facebook page. If you don’t have Facebook, pictures will be texted/emailed directly to you. You will be able to watch all the puppies grow, play, and develop from the very beginning.

When the puppies are 7 weeks old they are put through an evaluation where we look at qualities like assertiveness, confidence, motivation, resiliency, touch tolerance, energy level, sight and sound sensitivity, prey drive, and human focus.

The results of this evaluation will be available to each family on the waitlist as soon as they have been completed, as well as our recommendation (you still pick) on which puppy will best suit you and your unique circumstances.

We use the BadAss Breeder Puppy Evaluation.

Puppy picks are made in the order of the waitlist. For example, the family first on the waitlist will get the first pick, the second family will pick second - and so on. If you can’t make it to Kelowna in person, you are welcome to send a trusted representative, and/or we can video call you and let you pick your puppy on that day.

On the rare occasion that there might not be a suitable puppy for you, you have the option to move your deposit to the next litter. You will be placed after the families currently on that waitlist. We also reserve the right to refund your deposit if we are not comfortable with placing a puppy with you. We retain the first option in purchasing the dog back if you are unable to care for it any longer.

Deposits are rarely refunded and solely at our discretion.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions regarding the evaluation, special requests, want a breeding dog, etc.

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